Alusta Platform

Alusta (the Finnish word for ‘platform’) sorts out these challenges and many others. It’s the platform that enables Basware’s solutions.

Alusta combines the latest cloud, social, mobile and smart analytics technologies to allow businesses to create, deploy and connect critical purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes across the extended enterprise simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

Alusta helps organizations optimize and accelerate the billions of interactions, transactions, and relationships that power global commerce, every hour of every day.

It’s scalable enough to connect an unlimited number of buyers and suppliers with their trading partners and customers worldwide, regardless of how many financial transactions they create and process. And it’s secure enough to make sure only the people who are authorized to see your financial data or run your business processes do so.

We designed Alusta to be simple enough to allow you to:

  • Integrate hugely disparate buying and selling processes and data without replacing any back end financial systems
  • Deal with any volume of invoice and order transactions across multiple countries with regulatory compliance assured
  • Deliver easy-to-access, multi-enterprise process collaboration across the entire financial supply chain
  • Start with one process and build over time, or enable all purchasing & invoicing processes immediately. You can have it in any way you like – we call it process as a service.

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Disparate legacy ERP systems, wildly different data formats, incompatible business processes, complex financial and tax regimes. These and many other issues act together to add costs, introduce inefficiency and spread errors throughout the financial processes that support B2B relationships.

Alusta: The Architecture of the Basware Commerce Network
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