Alusta's elements

The Alusta platform:  the architecture of the B2B Cloud.

The moving parts are:

  • A single database and data model - that captures all purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash transaction data and enables intelligent access based on a user’s role.
  • Alusta Transaction Engine – a compliant, scalable engine that can handle any number of secure B2B transactions regardless of data format.
  • Alusta Matching engine - that automatically matches invoices and orders against all their relevant documentation according to the trading partners’ business rules and workflows.
  • Out-of-the-box ERP integrators – to link with any inside-the-firewall or hosted financial applications; no need for costly or time consuming integration, data re-formatting or process restructuring.
  • A social collaboration layer - connecting any buyer and supplier in real time to address queries, progress transactions, solve problems and share best practice
  • Smart reporting & analytics – use your universal transaction insight to improve error rates, processes and compliance; improve working capital, reduce supplier risk and seize market opportunities.
  • Cloud architecture – there’s no hardware or software to buy and maintain; Alusta is a multi-tenant cloud environment so it’s easy to dial –up and dial-down access as necessary, one process at a time.
  • Flexibile deployment – Alusta’s unified code base means you can mix and match on-premise or cloud-based B2B process deployment. And flexible deployment options mean you can start with a single process (such as e-invoicing) or move your entire invoicing and purchasing operations into the cloud.
  • Easy connectivity – Any buyer or supplier can get started with simple ‘on-ramps’ to the B2B Cloud – start with simple but powerful e-Invoicing and add processes as you grow.
  • Open API – allowing third party developers to build, deploy and share new B2B Cloud apps and processes.


Alusta is built on open standards that allow you quickly to deploy procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes inside your enterprise and beyond.

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