The benefits

The technologies:

  • Cloud – to accelerate financial process access and improvements, as well as offer the ability to easily scale up and down solution usage as business requirements demand
  • Mobility – providing access to both your financial data and key process tasks in real time from any platform, anywhere, at any time, maximizing productivity
  • Social – to help deal with queries, disputes and errors more quickly, and cheaply and collaboratively than ever before
  • Analytics – stunning data visualization to empower everyone across the organization to manage KPIs, control costs and make better financial decisions

Alusta allows you apply these four big technologies to your buying and selling processes in order to free you from complexity and help transform your financial performance.

The benefits of the Alusta platform include: 

  • Purchase-to-pay processes are easy to configure – Alusta captures the processes of any size business, with no coding. You can deploy apps and processes in hours not months
  • Become social-powered – Together with your network of buyers and suppliers, you can use social media tools to support real time collaboration across multi-enterprise relationships
  • Access from anywhere, anytime – You can view and analyze all purchasing and invoicing interactions, transactions and relationships from any browser, device or location, at any time
  • Immediate integration with legacy systems – You can connect Basware solutions to any legacy systems and any data structure using pre-built ERP connectors
  • Modular structure – You can start with any single financial process and grow as you need – it’s Process-as-a-Service made easy
  • Best practice made scalable and secure – a high performance, enterprise-class platform built on best-practice purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Future proof – An open and multi-tenant architecture means Alusta easily embraces the next big innovation in financial operations, allowing Basware to continually deliver value to users
  • From the Purchase-to-Pay & e-invoicing process experts – Basware has over 25 years of financial process expertise, working with the world’s most forward-thinking companies to deploy solutions that define and drive differentiating financial process performance



Basware's Alusta platform combines four big technologies to create more agile and responsive businesses, able to cut the costs of purchase and invoice processes and take quick advantage of emerging business opportunities.

The benefits of the Alusta platform
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