Billentis report 2014: key game changers to the broad-scale adoption of e-invoicing are public sector, SMEs and solution providers

11 June 2014


Basware, the leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, has sponsored this year’s ‘E-Invoicing/E-Billing – Key stakeholders as game changers’ report by Billentis.

According to the 2014 Billentis report electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60-80 percent compared to traditional paper-based processes. The private sector businesses and solution providers have developed the market in recent years, supported by private sector businesses and public sector initiatives in Latin America and in a handful of countries in Europe and Asia. The adoption on e-invoicing has increased, yet the potential is still tremendous.

The main game changer for the broad-scale adoption of e-invoicing is the public sector. Some countries are already front-runners, such as the Nordics. The public sector in most European and some Asian countries is expected to become one of the key drivers for the e-invoicing market.

Besides the public sector also large customers have encouraged millions of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to send invoices solely in an electronic format. SMEs are also likely to demand completely new and easy to use solutions. Solution providers are therefore – as for the past decade - still in the key game changer position, creating and providing the innovative solutions and processes which will accelerate the uptake of e-invoicing.

E-invoicing is the key to unlocking the value in business – and economies as a whole. It’s potential is huge and waiting to be tapped.

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About Billentis

Billentis has many years of experience in the following fields:

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  • Electronic, mobile and card-based payment transactions
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We are a small, highly specialised and flexible company. The ultimate goal of our activities is the long-term increased returns of our customers. We adopt an integral approach from design through project management to implementation. Since our company was established in 1999, we have provided our services to over 150 customers in 50 countries. They include issuers and recipients of bills, solution and service providers, electronic marketplaces, banks, postal companies and other customers from various sectors.


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