Basware launches white paper on why governments should go paperless

28 May 2015


Paper titled “Why are governments not paperless?” explores the differing state of play and benefits of e-invoicing to governments globally, and what should be done next

ESPOO, Finland, 28 May, 2015Basware, the leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, today launched its latest white paper examining the impact of e-invoicing adoption on governments. While the global market penetration of e-invoicing is estimated to be just 10 per cent, the savings that e-invoicing can bring are contrastingly high – up to 90 per cent of the cost of processing. Low uptake of processing invoices electronically means there is an untapped opportunity by many governments worldwide by going paperless.

Yet while every country has a problem that can be solved by e-invoicing – from driving down costs and increasing efficiency to ensuring control and compliance – the reasons that make it compelling differ from market to market, as does adoption. In the paper – titled “Why are governments not paperless?” – Basware consolidates views and country-specific case studies to examine several current country models, and the future it sees for each.

E-invoicing has started to become more commonplace as the technology has developed, awareness of the benefits increases and governments learn from the success of other countries and the private sector. However, we want to see the technology become business as usual. From cost and efficiency benefits to compliance and control, the priorities for e-invoicing are wide ranging and often highly personalised to an individual country. The Nordics and Latin American are front-runners in the transition to e-commerce. But while Business to Government e-commerce initiatives are being increasingly discussed, the benefits still need to be realised more widely by governments on a global scale,” said Esa Tihilä, CEO, Basware Corporation. “We felt it would be valuable to evaluate the status of different governments globally on their journey to becoming paperless, and outline the steps to make it a reality.

The white paper focuses on three core areas: providing a comprehensive insight into the state of play of electronic invoicing and payment methods in Business to Government (B2G) commerce worldwide, uncovering the different reasons that governments implement e-invoicing, and the solutions that can move countries forward to become paperless.

The paper suggests that owing to the range of different motivations around the world, there is no universal approach to the rollout of e-invoicing. The common thread that will decide the future of whether governments are successful in going paperless is developing open standards. This allows e-invoicing models to be transferred from Brazil to Portugal, or from Finland to Australia, for example.

Basware’s vision is to set governments free to unlock new value streams for themselves as well as their economies. Basware has a strong presence in the public sector with customers in multiple markets globally.

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