Companies that manage spend, cash flow and working capital with true agility gain competitive advantage.

Basware works with companies of all sizes across the globe to help them significantly cut costs, free up cash, improve operational performance, and make better financial decisions. Basware Purchase-to-Pay solutions are designed to provide control and visibility over the entire transaction lifecycle – from how an item is ordered to the way the final invoice is processed – providing full insight into cash flow and financial commitments.

Better Buying across the purchase-to-pay process


Benefits of Basware Purchase-to-Pay:

  • Gain immediate spend visibility to identify savings opportunities
  • Ensure best value sourcing of products and services
  • Negotiate and manage contracts with suppliers
  • Ensure compliant purchasing of all products and services
  • Achieve 100% e-Invoicing from day one across all suppliers
  • Automate invoice processing to reduce operational costs
  • Accurately match invoices to purchase orders
  • Implement proactive payment strategies to capture discounts
  • Continuously improve financial process performance through KPI analysis

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At Basware we’ve worked tirelessly to transform financial process automation – making it easier and faster to achieve Purchase-to-Pay excellence than ever before.


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