Sending invoices

Connecting customers and sending e-invoices is often complex, especially if you have a large and global customer base. Mastery in e-invoicing, like format conversions, setting up new customer connections and running a reliable service, is something you should not be worried about – we will take you to 100% e-invoicing from day one easily and effectively, enabling e-invoice sending to all of your customers with considerable cost savings and better service.

Simple and flexible solution to meet your customer demands

Simple does not mean lacking in capability - it means a one stop shop solution. The Basware e-Invoice service integrates to your existing billing system, providing you one access point to send all your sales invoices electronically. Invoices are sent to your customers based on their capabilities and requirements to receive invoices, for example, as e-invoices directly to their invoice processing system or ERP, or to the Basware Portal. For customers not yet accepting e-invoices, paper invoices are delivered through Printing Service.

Communicate actively to build your ecosystem

A key success factor in an e-invoice project is active communication in rolling out the solution and connecting to customers. We have proven processes and tools to activate and on-board all your customers into e-invoicing - even the smallest ones. With the Basware e-Invoice service, both you and your customer can reap the benefits.

Support local – be global

In invoicing, there are many local legal and customer related requirements. Therefore, complying with these requirements and supporting regional and industry standards in e-invoicing, is essential in order to be able to connect with all your customers. Basware provides VAT compliant e-invoicing solutions in over 50 countries and has partnered up with over 160 e-invoice service providers – to maximize the e-invoice delivery capabilities both globally and locally.

Rely on state-of-the-art service

With Basware e-Invoice you’ll have:


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