Receiving invoices

Did you know that a typical business-to-business company can cut accounts payable costs by as much as 90% simply by receiving all its invoices electronically? Receiving e-invoices makes handling supplier invoices easier, faster and more productive, and is the first step to fully automated invoice processing.

We can help you eliminate costly, time-consuming paper-based processing and start receiving all your invoices in electronic format from day one – whether you receive tens, hundreds, or even millions of invoices each month.

Receive all invoices as e-invoices from day one

With Basware e-Invoice you can receive e-invoices safely and securely through the Open Network — directly to your invoice processing system. We take care of data validation, format conversions, legal compliance and, if needed, digital signature verification.

What’s more, our solutions integrate fully with your invoice processing or ERP system, meaning you can process invoices further without any time-consuming manual steps.

Your suppliers can send you e-invoices in a variety of different ways: directly from their billing system through the Open Network, via email, by using virtual printer, or through our Supplier Portal. We deliver e-invoices to you in your preferred format. Regardless of how your suppliers send their invoices and how you receive them, our solutions guarantee that they are routed safely.

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It’s easy to get your suppliers on board

You get the maximum benefit when every invoice you receive is electronic. To take the next step, you’ll need to get your suppliers on board. With Basware, this is easier than you may think. Read more about Supplier Activation.

Benefits of receiving e-invoices

  • Save on every invoice slash invoicing costs from day one
  • Eliminate paper and save time with invoice automation
  • Integrate automatically with any invoice processing or back-end system
  • Qualify for early payment discounts by paying your suppliers faster
  • Bring new suppliers on board faster and get the relationship off to a flying start
  • Free up office space with easy-to-use electronic invoice archiving

Get in touch to find out the best way to start receiving e-Invoices today.

Receiving e-Invoices
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